Thursday, April 28, 2011

Like chocolate? Like berries? Like oatmeal? Put 'em all together....

Are you an oatmeal fan? I am. I even eat it for supper when we're too busy to cook.

I came across these yummy oatmeal recipes that really change it up, from 'Dark Cocoa Raspberry Oatmeal' to 'Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothies'.

Take a look at the other 11 oatmeal recipes at this website.

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Jefferson's Guardian said...

Count me in! I'm an oatmeal fan also! But it has to be the real oatmeal -- slow-cooked and not the instant variety.

I get up really early during the week -- really early -- so there isn't time to cook anything. But there's always time for peanut butter on toast. It carries me through the morning. The oatmeal has to wait for weekends.

Sally Kneidel, PhD said...

I eat the real kind too, not instant. But even the slow-cooking whole-grain oatmeal can be made palatable enough for me by just putting the dry oats in a bowl, pouring BOILING water over them to cover them (and a bit more), and letting them sit for 5 minutes or so in the bowl. They soften right up, and no pan to clean.