Saturday, April 11, 2015

Monarchs have started their northward migration -- follow their progress!

Monarchs have started their spring migration from Mexico to the United States and Canada.  These gorgeous butterflies migrate farther than any other butterfly, often more than 1000 miles!  They're reported to have left their Mexican wintering area on March 24 and crossed into Texas on April 2.  

Took this pic on milkweed growing next to my house (not this year, they haven't reached my home state yet).
If you grow lots of milkweed in your yard, some may stop there to lay eggs.  

You can follow their progress on the website of Journey North, which posts frequent (weekly?) updates on the monarch's progress northward. 

You can also easily report any monarch sighting of your own, and watch the dots pile up on the map of sightings.  This is Citizen Science at its best.  The Journey North website is a great resource for teachers, students, and anyone who loves butterflies.

Monarchs need help, they're in trouble due to the overuse of pesticides and loss of habitat.  Plant milkweed!  It's easy to order seeds online. Just Google.