Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Below is Sara Kate's Nov 23 email from southern Spain. She's headed for Morocco on Friday.

Hi there!

We're eating lots of nice food. It's interesting because this family is not vegetarian, and they've been a bit puzzled as to how to best accommodate us, but they're doing well. We help out some. Tomorrow we're going to make them a big Thanksgiving feast. Yum! Actually, in relation to that, could you possibly type me the recipes from our book for Veggie Stuffing and Sweet Potato Casserole? I would really appreciate this.

Yesterday we made an actual figgy pudding from figs we collected on our afternoon walk. It was delicious!

Catherine sometimes talks of moving here. It is a nice place.

We are leaving for Morocco on Friday. I will tell you what I know of our plans: on the night of the 25th we will be in Algeciras, Spain. The next day we will take a ferry to Tanger, Morocco, and then a bus to Essouira, a town on the Atlantic coast. We plan to stay there a few days before continuing to Marrakesh.



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