Thursday, October 22, 2009

My daughter says elderberry got rid of her H1N1 virus

Sadie with little Henry

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My daughter Sadie, in her 20s, got sick a few days ago with a flu-like illness.  We didn't figure out for a couple of days, after talking to a nurse, that her affliction was almost certainly swine flu.  Fever of 102 degrees, headache, severe body aches, fatigue, sore throat and cough, slight sniffles. On Monday she was too sick to go to work. One of her housemates came home with some elderberry capsules from a natural-foods store.  Sadie (my daughter) took 800 mg capsules, 3 times a day, on Monday and Tuesday. I talked to her on Wednesday and she said she was 100% recovered with no symptoms whatsoever. Maybe the flu had just run its course and she would have felt fine even without the elderberry.  But I was curious enough to look it up on the internet, and was astonished at the volume of credible articles I found about black elderberry as a treatment for the flu. My daughter's whole household is taking elderberry now, to avoid getting what Sadie had, including elderberry in syrup form for the baby.

Now, I'm not a health professional, and I am not recommending a particular flu treatment to anyone. Flu can be dangerous. But I am saying these articles on the internet are interesting.  Have a look for yourself. A few of them are listed below. You can find many more by googling "elderberry flu" or "elderberry H1N1."

Tamiflu, an antiviral commonly prescribed for flu, is very expensive. It only shortens the duration and may reduce the severity of the flu. It also has common side effects that can include vomiting and headache. Of course, there are flu cases where reducing the severity even a little can be life-saving, so I'm not knocking Tamiflu.

Articles about elderberry and flu:
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Julie said...

Wow! Not only am I really pleased to hear that Sadie really is feeling 100% better but I'm so excited to see all of the articles on Elderberry you found! Black Elderberry was one of the things I'd recommended most to people dealing with cold & flu when I worked at a natural foods store, but simply because I knew it worked. It's great to see all of these articles illustrating what I've personally experienced!
And a bonus for some of the elderberry syrups you can find--- they actually taste Good!
Thanks Sally!