Thursday, November 17, 2005


Unfortunately for turkeys, it's almost Thanksgiving. I see Bush did his usual "pardoning of the turkey" ceremony - a chance to pose for photos, make jokes, and look ridiculous. How did such a farce get started - pardoning one turkey while a gazillion are being plucked and butchered? A distraction from the ugly reality, cooked up by corporate meat-packers no doubt. Or schmoozing politicians, wanting to make their president look charitable and kind. Hah!

For a riveting description of the real lives of turkeys, read this:

Jim Mason's description of working in a turkey breeder farm

Jim describes his illustrious job (lasted one day) that involved artificially inseminating a building full of turkeys, work performed by a staff of ill-paid and surly laborers. You can imagine the tender loving care applied to the males, and the delicate handling of the females. Read it and see.

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