Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Green Ideas for Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Photo courtesy of Greener Magazine

More eco-groovy tips from Sierra Club for gifts that help the planet, and may convert your recipient to a greener lifestyle....

1. compact fluorescent light bulbs (Home Depot or

2. reusuable shopping bags (many supermarkets carry them now, or try

3. rechargableable batteries and battery chargers (Sundance Solar or stores like Target)

earth-friendly cleaning and household products from, or your local natural food store

5. LED or solar lights (we ordered LED headlamps online, Petzl brand)

hand-cranked flashlights and radios (great for weather emergencies as well as earth-friendly)

7. rain barrels (especially valuable in areas hit by the current drought)

8. compost bins (available at many gardening centers)

Source: Footnotes: The Newsletter for the N.C. Sierra Club. November 2007 (adapted from

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