Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Great website for keeping tabs on presidential election polls

I heard "www.pollster.com" referred to on MSNBC a few days ago, as the place to go to look at presidential polls. But I only just now looked at it. What a fantastic website! It has a state-by-state national map of how each state is leaning in the presidential election. The map is based on a frequently updated compilation of the latest polls. Click on the link below to see it:


Things are looking even better than I thought for Obama. Wow...am I dreaming? Given the last two elections, I know better than to count on anything.

Tomorrow, on my day off, I'm going to Obama headquarters at 1523 Elizabeth Avenue in Charlotte and see what I can do. Especially since NC is a "toss-up" state on pollster.com, one of the few left. Sadie (daughter and co-author) went to Obama headquarters in Greensboro (NC) yesterday and here's what she said about it in an email this morning:

I did go by the headquarters yesterday and sign up to drive voters on election day. It was exciting being in there. There was a kind of energy in the air. People working busily at tables, hanging up posters, etc. I liked it! It made me feel hopeful.

Check out pollster.com! Yay!

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